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Patrick Mannion is an independent writer and content consultant who has been working in, studying, and writing about engineering and technology for over 25 years.
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The arrival of Bluetooth Mesh signals a new phase of cross-industry and cross-platform connection compatibility for IoT solution providers. Bluetooth Mesh on top of Bluetooth LE extends network and device range, while making home, office and industrial networks more flexible and robust. 
The Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for the data center break records and are packed with enhancements that show the company’s prowess in both its knowledge of the application space and its technological capabilities.
Adeunis RF has devised a simple, modular solution to connecting any sensor to any wireless network and in doing so it has solved many industrial IT-OT integration and connectivity problems. 
Ideas are easy, executing is harder, but less so with the Thingy:52 development kit with sensors, Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth 5, firmware and app included. The kit is all about getting an idea up and working for proof of concept and experimentation.
Using AWS’s Greengrass software as well as a suite of scalable hardware and software solutions, Intel and Amazon help IoT solution providers perform more edge analysis when connections are intermittent.
LiDAR has fallen in cost and increased in performance to the point that it will be one of many sensors in tomorrow’s automobile. IoT solution providers need to choose their LiDAR option quickly and get in early, as automotive sensing platforms need to be fully integrated. 
Voice control of connected devices is catching on, so Microsemi Corp. has made it easy to design in high-quality voice detection and processing and connect to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS).
Putting Jim Hackett in the role of CEO of Ford puts the spotlight on the transition from vehicles being symbols of freedom to being symbols of connectivity, where data and services are more valuable than the vehicle itself.
Making the right hardware choices to future-proof an IoT design used to be a problem, now it’s an opportunity to add revenue streams over time. Solution providers are increasing the value of their offerings by designing IoT devices with features and functionality that can be turned on at a later date.
IoT security experts are exploring options to enhance public-key cryptography in an era where quantum computing can soon crack current algorithms. To find the sweet spot that meets the constraints of IoT devices, SecureRF partnered with Andes Technology to bring post-quantum cryptographic capability to small, low-power, low-resource IoT devices and nodes.