Airports are busier than ever before as travelers board flights for work and pleasure around the world. In this super competitive market, airports are vying to bring more customers to their gates for a safe trip.  Lavi Industries turned to IoT to help Dallas/Fort Worth Internation put a stop to multiple travel tripping points that were frustrating travelers. 

Watch this video to see how IoT solutions based on Intel technology help eggs get from the coop to the kitchen in one piece, keeping them fresh along the way. 

Smart cities drowning in traffic and congestion are looking for new ways to tackle the last-mile problem of helping commuters get to major transit stations. While bike-sharing options are popping up around the country, a new contender, LimeBike, is trying an alternative solution—a dockless system of smart bikes that can be unlocked by a rider via a mobile app. 

Autonomous cars are getting closer to driving our roads and highways. Sponsors make adjustments to move legislation forward.

Moving to drone-driven inspections enables insurers to reap myriad benefits while speeding up the adjusting process. The drones are hard at work in Texas and Florida now, and by 2020, insurance is expected be one of the top five markets served by commercial drones.

Have you ever felt overloaded by too much sensory input? The results can be problematic, even risky - if you're driving. The same holds true for trains, ships, oil rigs, and many other industrial assets.

While many types of property theft have declined in recent years, bicycle theft is on the rise. According to FBI statistics, bike thefts result in an estimated $4.6 million in property loss each year in the United States. Fortunately, new IoT-based security and tracking technology has the potential to make a dent in theft and help police locate owners of stolen bikes. 

Vehicle management can be costly. Think about the required upkeep of your own personal vehicle. Now imagine that same upkeep, but for an entire fleet of vehicles. IoT telematics is helping fleet management companies track their assets and keep drivers safe.

While the benefits of becoming a smart city are numerous, the processes involved can not only be quite daunting, but also potentially dangerous. City administrators must be familiar with the security risks that connected technologies can bring. One collaborative organization, the Global City Team Challenge, aims to assist. 

The presence of drones to conduct aerial photography and surveillance is increasingly becoming the new norm. This week, drones as well as IoT traffic cameras in Houston and the Gulf Coast were called into action. They provided an aerial assist in search-and-rescue operations, and they helped response teams more easily survey the flooding damage from the devastating Hurricane Harvey. 


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