Smart Transportation: Building an End-to-End Connected Bike System

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Citizens rely on several modes of transportation, not just to get to and from work, but also to run errands or visit friends and family. While IoT is poised to revolutionize commercial and personal vehicles—increasing profitability and productivity using the latest information technologies to improve efficiency and lower operational costs—it’s also transforming how people use bicycles to successfully navigate their daily comings and goings.  

A Smarter Bike System

Connected technologies are making the good old bicycle more accessible than ever before with new smart bike rental systems—and Intel® IoT technology is helping fast-track their growth. In 2015, Intel collaborated with Advantech and Microprogram to scale out YouBike, an Asian smart city bike system, to more cities in Taiwan and other countries in Asia.

Founded in 2009, Taiwan’s YouBike system is currently operating in four cities: Taipei, New Taipei City, Taichung and Changhua. The service has been a big hit in Taipei in particular, where YouBike’s system was used 60 million times in 2015. Since its initial deployment, the four cities’ number of YouBike stations has climbed to 430, with the number expected to reach 700 by year’s end.

Intel IoT Inside

Intel products are playing an important role in the successful expansion of the YouBike system. The company adopted an Intel Quark processor for their solution sensor node, Intel® Atom™ processors for the kiosk and gateway terminals, and an Intel® Xeon™ processor-based server in the back-end cloud server system to provide cloud computing and Big Data analytics for the whole system. These integrated components form an end-to-end system that allows timely auto detection of problems with remote control and data security of the system.

The computing power inside the Intel solution—and its scalability—has helped the company tremendously, since the features of YouBike’s system continue to grow from city to city. The number of YouBike users has increased dramatically since its launch, growing from 150,000 to 3,300,000 as of June of 2016. Which means the system has enjoyed a 20-fold increase in its users. The company currently handles 100,000 transactions per day, with an 8 to 10 turnover rate per bike per day. Intel’s technology can easily support such growth, expanding the computing power quickly and consistently.

The Intel gateway has also met YouBike’s security needs, enabling them to remotely control essential systems and functions, as well as systems updates. Since the company’s system needs to be able to operate 24 hours, non-stop, having the best real-time control, both in security and remote data update, is a vital component to their continued success.

Learn more about how Intel IoT solutions can help customers interested in smartening up their transportation strategies. 

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