San Diego Deploys World’s Largest Smart City IoT Platform

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San Diego smart city

Photo: Current, powered by GE

San Diego’s motto of “America’s Finest City” is soon to get a V2 upgrade to American’s Smartest City. In partnership with Current, a Boston-based firm powered by GE, the City of San Diego announced plans to invest $30 million to deploy the world’s largest IoT sensor platform. Installation is slated to begin in July 2017.

According to a statement from Mayor Kevin Faulconer, San Diego plans to transform its street lighting in a connected digital infrastructure, allowing the city to collect real-time sensor data across the city. That data will be used to develop a myriad of energy, safety and transportation-related applications that will benefit the entire community of 1.39 million residents.

“This new technology will give the city and developers the opportunity to make our neighborhoods safer and smarter,” says Faulconer.

IoT Lights Up the Gaslamp District

Current, which specializes in creating intelligent environments for commercial buildings and industrial facilities, is focused on extending digital capabilities across cities via the lighting infrastructure. In the initial phase, the company’s CityIQ sensor nodes will be installed on 3,200 San Diego street light poles. The city plans to expand the IoT installation to include another 3,000 sensor points later this year.

In addition to the smart sensors, San Diego plans to upgrade 25 percent of its outdoor lights, including those in its historic Gaslamp district downtown. Current will upgrade 14,000 city light fixtures to its Evolve™ LED luminaires. According to early estimates, the fixtures will save San Diego $2.4 million per year in energy costs. Each fixture is equipped with an advance controls system, LightGrid™, which allows city managers to dim, brighten and check maintenance on the lights remotely through a single dashboard.

Current, powered by GE

Photo: Current, powered by GE

Citywide Intelligent Network

Current is working with AT&T, CivicSmart Intel, Proximetry and ShotSpotter to deploy the intelligent network across San Diego. The sensors will be powered by the AT&T LTE network. Intel® IoT technology will be inside the nodes to help extract metadata. The Intel® Atom® processor E3900 and Wind River software will enable the platform to run intelligent analytics with the light fixture and extract the data.

Other apps to be deployed on the IoT platform will focus on improving citizen safety and the quality of life. ShotSpotter technology, for example, will detect the location of gunshots in real time. CivicSmart will use sensor data to enhance on-street parking availability, and Proximetry, based in San Diego, will manage device applications throughout the network.

Learn More about San Diego’s IoT Deployment

You can see Current’s ecosystem of partners and providers for San Diego and its intelligent infrastructure projects, and download the specs for the LightGrid wireless control system for street lights.

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