IoT Offers Line To Fishing Boats

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LG Uplus, a small Korean mobile carrier, will develop systems for electric vehicle cars and fishing boats. The project will be undertaken jointly with  U.S.-based electric vehicle developer Leo Motors. Under the terms of the deal, LG Uplus will implement the integrated Internet of Things management systems and a billing system for electricity charging, and Leo Motors will develop EVs and electric boats with IoT connectivity.

[Pictured: In 2012, PlanetSolar became the first solar electric vehicle to circumnavigate the globe.]

"We will successfully establish an IoT-based management system in cooperation with Leo Motors, leading the domestic market for EVs and electric fishing boats powered by IoT in the future," LG Uplus Industrial IoT Business head Kwon Joon-hyuk said in a statement.

The integrated IoT management system will use an LTE mobile network in real time, to monitor and control location and drive data, as well as the fuel and safety status of EVs or electric fishing boats. The system lets operators check the whereabouts of an electric boat on the water, so it can quickly respond in the event of an accident.

LG Uplus has pushed for smart grid, EVs and connected car solutions, tapping into its familiarity in the LTE network and with IoT technologies. Leo Motors operates local affiliates to develop the nation's first high-speed EV, electric buses and trucks, while expanding to high-speed electric fishing boat development through its other affiliate, Leo Greentier Marines.

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