IoT News: Week of January 12-January 19, 2017

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This week’s top takeaways have IoT boarding Carnival Cruise ships, while some IT leaders continue to stay on the IoT sideline. A top 10 list of IoT companies to watch names familiar tech leaders and newbies. Plus, retail tracks inventory and logistics with a new platform from Intel and Honeywell.   

CIO Jury: 50% of IT Leaders will Invest in IoT in 2017

In a room of 12 IT leaders, the consensus is evenly split on IoT investment in the coming year. Some IT leaders see IoT as a clear differentiator, and others are still waiting for six to 12 months to see positive business outcomes and ROI before recommending investments.  Regardless of their business plans for IoT, offices are seeing IoT devices and wearables enter the workplace at a rapid pace.  

10 IoT Companies to Watch in 2017

Familiar companies are putting their brands and resources behind IoT and are intent on bringing IoT into businesses everywhere. Intel, GE, Google, Cisco, Davra and five others top the list of who to watch in 2017. Will the vanguards focus on change from within or acquisitions to maintain their leadership position in IoT?

Honeywell, Intel to Develop IoT Solutions for Retailers, Logistic Providers

Honeywell and Intel want to improve operations for retailers and logistic providers. The future offerings will utilize sensors, handheld computers, processors, bar code scanners, RFID tags and readers and cloud-based software. In the not too distant future, solutions providers will have more options to help their customer track, monitor and assess the condition of goods moving through the supply chain as well as in brick-and-mortar stores.

Five Digital Initiatives Supply Chain Must Follow in 2017

Software AG expects major changes in the supply chain and advises companies to embrace these five trends to achieve success. Companies across the supply chain will need to pay attention to demand sensing, build resiliency that prevents disruption, create a Micro-Logistics network, prepare for digital transformation and expect shrinkage.

Carnival Ocean Medallion: 5 Takeaways from One of 2017’s Premier IoT Projects

IoT’s ship may have come in now that Carnival Cruise Lines is adding the technology to vacation packages starting in late 2017. When IoT sets sail at Carnival, passengers will carry a quarter-sized Ocean Medallion that tracks purchases, activities, meals and more. With more than 11 million passengers each year, Carnival promises to be an excellent gateway for IoT.

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