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Research from analyst firm, Gartner, predicts the market to grow at an increase of 31 percent on last year, boosting spending on endpoints and services to almost US$2 trillion. The increase leaves the channel in the driver's seat.
Talking to Channelnomics' UK sister title, Gartner research VP Bettina Tratz-Ryan argued that the analyst's latest data - which shows that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use globally in 2017, a 31 percent hike from last year - demonstrates that IoT is gaining traction in the enterprise space.

The eyes of Texas are all upon Houston this week, as Super Bowl 51 crowds gather for 10 days of pre-game events and festivities and the big game on Sunday. Tech companies and service providers are teaming up to help law enforcement agencies more easily monitor the crowd of 1 million super fans, installing a full lineup of smart, connected digital security cameras, IoT sensors and network command centers.

Nothing puts a room of school children to sleep faster than a hot, stuffy classroom. And busy teachers don’t have time to constantly monitor room temperatures and air quality. IoT technology is starting to step in and become the newest teacher’s aide. Bosch IoT has developed a prototype for a room climate monitoring system that uses sensors and classic works of art, letting teachers and students know when it’s time to get some fresh airflow.

Even though banking and IoT might not be making the headlines, the banking industry is quietly leveraging IoT more and more. Driven by both growing customer expectations and rising levels of online fraud, financial services companies have started prioritizing product and customer monitoring. A key tool in this effort is IoT, which is enabling banks to not only monitor and collect data on its customers’ banking and purchasing transactions, but to also leverage IoT-powered sensors to track assets and better assess the value of collateral.

Imagine if you had to choose banks, grocery stores, and doctors in your city based on the languages they recognized. That restriction would be more than irksome.

Learn how Yanzi Networks, a software and networking platform, enables smart office solutions using Intel IoT technologies to deliver fast time to market, automatic data security, and customization flexibility.

Offices, warehouses, and other workplace buildings use alot of energy. In this solution brief, discover how AVOB, a French leader in IT, offers a smart building management solution for small and medium-sized buildings that is powered by Intel Atom™ processors. 

Once a solution provider and the building management team can talk with systems about real-time conditions, they can manage a site with precision, controlling costs and energy use.

Honeywell has introduced its new INNCOM Elements line of guest room controls and wired devices in the Middle East, as part of its aim to deliver technology solutions to the hospitality industry in the region.


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