IoT Inspires Industry Shift in Managed Services

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The move to IoT has caused a ripple effect of opportunity in the market, opening doors for solution providers to offer new levels of remote managed service plans for home and SMB installations. “Most of the gear being installed in the home now has some sort of network connection. So everyone in the market have been paying more attention to remotely managing those systems,” says OT integrator Henry Clifford, owner of Livewire, LLC. “Integrators are really starting to hone in on their businesses and understand how much it costs to roll a truck.”

Clifford and many other OT integrators are busy installing remote managed services appliances and hubs by companies such as Domotz, Ihiji and SnapAV into homes, much as they would do in the SMB market.

“From the commercial perspective, your network has to stay up,” says Clifford. “So, the notion of paying for the proactive monitoring and the proactive remote support is less of a conversation.”

A New Way of Thinking

On the residential side, many integrators have shot themselves in the foot by providing support above and beyond where a commercial installation would go—basically free service that goes beyond the system’s warranty.

Now, Clifford and his team have developed InVision, a solution with two remote managed service packages he offers to Livewire’s SMB and residential customers. The two service packages are structured and priced to accommodate different levels of service for customers:

1.      InVision full service: $49.99 a month

  • Always on monitoring of system remotely to proactively discover network issues
  • Proactive and reactive remote repair
  • App control
  • Discounted service calls

2.      InVision express: $27.99 a month

  • Self-monitoring
  • Reactive remote repair
  • App control
  • Discounted service calls

Clifford says among clients with two or more subsystems, 90 percent have been receptive to the programs. “It’s been amazing to see the sell-through rate on these plans, on the residential side and on the new project side.”

Setting Yourself Up for Sales Success

A big part of the sales success is integrating this new way of thinking early in the conversations with customers. “We describe to the customer that Livewire leads by being oriented toward their peace of mind, and here’s how we do that. That’s our differentiator,” explains Clifford.

It’s important for both IT channel partners and OT integrators to note the time customers save by buying these remote management programs. “That is your top sales pitch,” he adds. “From a savings perspective, for the client, their most precious commodity is time. They’re saving time because we’re able to get in remotely, fix their system and not bother them by having them set aside time for an appointment,” says Clifford.

Another added benefit for Livewire’s remote managed service plans: fewer costly truck rolls. Clifford notes that the company’s truck rolls have dropped by 80 percent with the addition of these new service programs.

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Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our next blog with Clifford, where we will explore the partnership potential between IT channel partners and OT integrators in the SMB market and beyond. Get more information about Livewire and its services—including some of its unusual projects such as converting a racquetball court into a home theater—at

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