Demand for Intelligent Digital Security Surveillance Systems On the Rise

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Sighthound Digital surveillance

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Intelligent digital security and surveillance (DSS) solutions can augment human resources and deliver more sophisticated levels of security. For businesses, they offer everything from enhanced physical security and loss prevention to the analysis of retail store traffic for optimal product placement.

The demand for DSS is starting to boom, with major growth in the areas of digital network equipment. IT convergence in the video surveillance industry is also happening, along with a strong rise in the market for edge-based analytics. Overall, the video surveillance market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25.2% globally in the next several years, according to forecasts from Axis Research Mind.

Smart DSS Bundle

Solution providers can now put together an intelligent DSS bundle for home and SMB customers. The products include the Intel® NUC, along with computer vision software and IP cameras that offer DSS intelligence in an easy-to-deploy solution set.

This DSS system is more sophisticated than its predecessors and capable of more complex tasks. Smart DSS used to require a server stack to power cameras, storage and manually calibrated analytics. This new bundle, composed of the Intel® NUC, Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel SSDs) and computer vision software from Sighthound, provides intelligent computer vision in a system that can to mimic the human eye and brain and makes intelligent surveillance affordable to consumers and SMBs.  

Sighthound digital surveillance

Photo: Sighthound

Specifically, the Intel NUC for Smart DSS Package includes:

• Intel® NUC NUC6i5SYH mini PC

• Sighthound Video 3.0.2 software

• Vivotek FD8169A cameras (2)

• Vivotek AW-FED-0500-065 switch.

Sighthound Video

The artificial intelligence in the system is delivered by Sighthound Video, which runs on Intel® NUC. Unlike motion-sensor cameras that alert users to any motion event, including trees moving in the breeze and other common triggers, Sighthound can differentiate between people and objects it sees, sending alerts only when true security threats arise.

Sighthound Video includes software that automatically locates connected  cameras, which helps with installation. It allows solution providers to set rules that trigger mobile alerts, emails or custom scripts. Using AI, computer vision can determine what is happening and significantly reduce the number of false alerts. It supports many different brands of IP cameras and webcams and allows you to draw boxes around specific areas to capture people entering rooms, driveways and other locations while masking areas to ignore.

Attend a Live Chat on DSS

Solutions providers interested in providing an intelligent surveillance solution that protects your customers—and grows your revenues—can learn how in our live chat on Thursday, February 28.

Leading the chat will be Intel DSS experts who will discuss next-level digital security and surveillance intelligence. They will outline revenue and margin opportunities, including solution deployment, upgrades, security and cloud services subscriptions, and support and maintenance.

Hosted by Intel IoT Solution Provider, the chat is free and open to all solution providers. You can participate in the discussion and ask questions directly to the Intel team. Register for the chat.

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