More than just a means of advertising, digital signage is a powerful tool for any organization that wants to disseminate information and communicate messages to a large audience in a timely manner. The ability to strategically place and deliver targeted content in a wide variety of locations makes digital signage integral to the success of many businesses.

You've perhaps never seen a full-blown computer smaller than Intel's amazingly thin Compute Card, announced for the first time at CES.At first glance, it's easy to mistake the modular computer for a credit card or smart card.

Population health management is turning out to be a hotspot where data collected from IoT sensors has the potential to bring broad rewards. With a bevy of IoT-based fitness and certified medical devices available in 2017, data streams from wearables and health monitoring devices can be used alongside clinical data to provide doctors with a clear, near real-time picture of a patient’s health.

Streaming sticks, drones and smart home IoT devices all made the McAfee Most Hackable Holiday Gift list of devices that can compromise security if left unprotected. The odds are high that all kinds of IoT devices will be wrapped up and handed out this holiday season. One list solution providers should check twice before buying anything for the home or office is this one: the second annual McAfee Most Hackable Holiday Gift list, which includes several types of network-ready IoT devices.

Content is king in digital signage, but content management is challenging for SMBs. Intel’s Digital Signage Solution offers a way for solutions providers to be the hero using Intel® Compute Stick and SmarterSign* software.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: Honeywell and GE Digital amp up IoT; Intel to invest $250 million in autonomous driving; New, free IIoT research provides structured framework for success; Fighting back against the IoT threats.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: Channel superstars in IoT; Turning data into business value with IoT; Preventing IoT threats, Watson IoT builds best team to fill live-saving boats; IoT developer hub webinar.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: IoT botnets continue to cause havoc; Auto dealers start IoT engines; New IoT partner database; standouts from IoT Solutions World Congress; Creating standards for IoT.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: Microsoft Azure catalogs IoT devices, AR keeps elevators going up and down, Intel releases new IoT chips, fast paths to IoT ROI.

In our Social Chat, experts from Ingram Micro outline the opportunity for solution providers to benefit from double-digit margins by installing and managing digital signage technology for customers. 


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