IoT News Roundup: Week of October 26-November 2, 2016

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Top 5 Things to Know about Recent IoT Attacks

IoT botnets continue their assaults on websites and the Internet. These threats aren’t going away, so start planning a defense now and arm yourself with these five things to know. Hacking IoT devices is a problem for everyone and requires serious attention to the architecture, configuration and management of IoT devices.

Internet of Things Not that Connected       

Standardization is much needed if we are to connect all the planned IoT devices. How will enterprises orchestrate and manage the incoming IP connected devices? Companies are already looking at standardization on the consumer side, and it could impact what happens in enterprises. These six do’s and don’ts speak to how to create standards that will seamlessly connect the millions of coming IoT devices.

10 Blockbusters from IoT Solutions World Congress

Last week’s IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, brought together known and unknown names around IoT. With so many announcements and launches, here are 10 new and noteworthy products that cover security, IoT platforms, IoT devices, sensors and more. Intel, ARM, Microsoft and Dell are among those earning attention from attendees and editors.

IoT Solution for Auto Dealers

Bloodhound, from Atlanta-based MyDealerLot, combines Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, license plate recognition and drones (to be added in early 2017) in a solution that monitors vehicles on dealership lots. Employees can track vehicle location and inventory through their smartphones or tablets. Other dealer-focused solutions combine digital signs to welcome incoming guests and RFID to streamline servicing. The company is looking for partners to take its solutions to a broader base of dealers.

ABI Builds IoT Partner Program Database

How mature is the IoT value chain? The services of solutions providers that can build end-to-end solutions that integrate device components, connectivity and value-added services are critical in the IoT. This database from ABI Research includes 450-plus IoT system integrators, VARs and partner programs at Cisco, Dell, Intel, IBM, SAP and others, plus it ranks their expertise. Based on the research, IoT leaders are responding to market and customer expectations, as 54 percent of listed organizations received a high IoT maturity grade from the research firm.  

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