IoT News Roundup: November 9-November 16, 2016

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Industrial Internet Consortium Unveils Enterprise IIoT Framework
The Industrial Internet Consortium has released a free reference document, The Business Strategy and Innovation Framework for IIoT,  for organizations planning to engage in IIoT. The research document addresses IIoT strategy and goals, describes a structured framework to target and select the right IIoT opportunities and explains a system to identify, assess and initiate IIoT opportunities.   

Data is the New Oil in Autonomous Driving
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich writes in this editorial that “Just as oil has transformed our world over the last century, data is poised to transform our world for the next hundred years—and beyond.”  He explains the inside-out data, the societal and crowdsourced data and personal data that is the new currency in the automotive world. And, to make autonomous driving a reality, Intel Capital is targeting $250 million of new investments during the next two years.

GE Digital and IoT
GE Digital is making a name for itself in IoT by staking out a home in the Silicon Valley and partnering with the leaders in the quickly growing and fast maturing IoT ecosystem. In the past few weeks, the company has made a slew of announcements including new applications for its Predix platform, a longer list of ISVs, and two acquisitions that further its IIoT strategy.

Honeywell Turns Up Heat in IoT
Multi-occupancy buildings serve large and small populations who have different needs and comfort levels. In smart buildings, facility managers and occupants can now enjoy more control over entering the facility and adjusting the temperature. A new Honeywell app provides digital identification and integrates with core building functions. Honeywell is also collaborating with Encycle as a Total Connect Comfort partner. The two companies will focus on commercial and industrial customers to integrate Honeywell thermostats into the Energy as a Service by Encycle solution and the SwarmStat service. One pilot with a national retailer is expected to deploy 1,500 thermostats.     

More Possible Threats to IoT Networks
Smart cities, home networks and SMB networks are possible targets for IoT attacks. This proof of concept attack from security researchers shows the vulnerability in Internet connected lightbulbs and the insecurity of IoT network protocols. Solution providers should know and be comfortable with the protocols—ZigBee, Thread, WeMo and Z-wave—that communicate and control IoT devices.   

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