IoT News Roundup: November 2-November 9, 2016

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The Internet of Things—Driving the Need for Data Reconciliation
Data is coming, and lots of it, with the IoT. Organizations are already struggling with unconnected silos of data, and we can expect that managing that data will become more difficult as sensors collect temperature, vibration, heartbeats and more and send that data through edge devices. Technologies are available to bring those data sets together, and organizations are looking for solutions and services that help them turn their data into business value.  

Watson IoT and Node-Red Join First Responder Team
In Galway, volunteer leaders are accessing first responders’ skillsets, availability and ETA during life-threatening emergency situations along its coast. The project team used design thinking to build a mobile app that shares critical information with Watson IoT and a Node-Red cognitive engine. This in-depth use case explains the four primary applications and the solutions used to build this life-saving solution.

Top 11 Measures that Can Save You from IoT Threats
Your customers know that the IoT poses a real security threat. Cameras, cars, medical devices and even the power grid have proven to be vulnerable.  Here is an overview on why the IoT is at risk and 11 safety measures that will help prevent your customers from experiencing an attack.

10 Solution Provider Superstars with the Coolest Applications for the Internet of Things
Solution providers are bringing all types of interesting IoT apps to market for transportation, agriculture, healthcare and other industries. These 10 IoT superstars showcase how sensors, networks, analytics software and data analytics can create new revenue-generating IoT solutions.

Intel® IoT Developer Hub and Automation at the Edge Network Workshop Webinar
This online webinar explains how to interact with the Intel® IoT Gateway. You will learn system management and visual programing with the Intel® IoT Developer Hub. Register now for the Tuesday, November 15, session. 

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