Intel Chips Target IoT Markets

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Intel has announced several new cellular communications, each a good fit for a specific job in the world of Internet of Things implementations. Here’s a brief note about each.


The Intel Atom x3-M7272 solution is designed for automotive telematics applications. This series of processors comprises quad and dual-core processors at up to 1.4 GH “Burst Mode,” which provides on-demand, higher performance for very short intervals of time in small device form factors.It supports HD video and dual cameras, and combines 4G LTE technology with worldwide roaming. Connectivity capabilities include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and global navigation satellite system.

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The Intel XMM 7115 modem will, upon introduction in the second half of this year, support Narrowband IOT. That technology will take advantage of LTE mobile networks in order to efficiently connect difficult-to-reach devices at data transfer speeds of up to 200 Kbit/s. The device is intended to integrate with sensors, smart grid meters, and other equipment that requires infrequent reporting of small amounts of data.

The Intel XMM 7120M modem is also suited for industrial applications,including security monitoring, smart metering, asset tracking, and industrial automation. It offers low- and high-speed connectivity for broad IoT use. Its space-saving design features stacked NAND and DRAM memory, making it a good choice for small form factors.

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Looking for really small? At just 245mm(2), the Intel XMM 6255M (pictured) is the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem. Its system-in-package (SiP) design wraps up the baseband processor and memory dies in a one package. The ultra-tiny PCB footprint fits smaller form factors, and offers reduced complexity and cost. It’s suited for safety monitors as well as areas in which signal retention and enhancement are important, such as in low signal zones, i.e., parking garages or basements.

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