In today’s retail market, successful sales strategies are no longer focused on asking what’s more important, brick-and-mortar stores or digital ones, the answer has overwhelmingly become—both.  Curbside adds zest to the shopping experience by letting customers find, buy and pick up products from stores—more quickly and easily than ever before. 

Ask any marketer and he or she will probably say mobile is no longer the "new hot thing to do" for making consumer attention irresistible.

What does draft beer have to do with data? Turns out, a lot! Especially if you're a brewer, a distributor, a bar owner, or a beer-loving consumer.

This spring, Steven Spielberg will treat audiences to a story millions of readers already know: Ready Player One. The story takes place in a world where people rise and fall in an entirely VR world. It’s a concept that’s becoming more and more of a reality each year.
Ecommerce is completely changing the retail world. Over half of Americans say that they would rather shop online than in a physical store. That’s a huge shift in consumer habits, considering that online shopping was still a novelty for many people only a decade ago.
Nordstrom’s newest store in Los Angeles is a 3,000-square-foot experiment called Nordstrom Local in West Hollywood’s chic Melrose shopping district.
After seeing record-breaking Cyber Monday sales in the U.S. last month, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that, more often than not, the retail journey begins on screens at home.

Merchants worldwide are relying on the rapidly evolving capabilities of AI and machine learning to make better use of big data. 

You’ve likely heard a lot about the Single Customer View (SCV), or 360 View of the Customer. Yet while these terms crop up often, there’s still misunderstanding about what they are, and how an SCV can benefit your business.

How do you transform a sports arena or stadium to meet the needs of the demanding sports fan or concertgoer? Can you make their experience fun, engaging, personal and seamless at the same time?


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