One in five farmers in the U.S. are using mobile devices, IoT sensors, and real-time data analysis to turn agriculture into a more precise science.

Today's farmers are faced with the gargantuan task of growing more food for more people on the same (or shrinking) acreage. FarmLogs is using real-time analytics to help growers make this possible—providing immediate data on harvest, growing condition, and vegetative health.

As global population growth soars, food security—the availability of and access to food—is an increasing concern. High costs and inefficiencies have made farming an increasingly unviable profession. A successful eAgriculture project in Odisha, India, demonstrates how technology can be used to improve the livelihoods of small farmers.

A shifting landscape is challenging healthcare organizations to rethink their traditional business models. Mobile technology streamlines workflow with software and device solutions to improve clinical efficiency, security, and patient satisfaction for health workers without compromising quality of care.

With aging populations and rising rates of chronic disease, healthcare providers face increasing pressure to provide more efficient, affordable patient care. Vital signs monitoring (VSM) and other remote monitoring solutions are increasingly being recognized for their role in achieving these objectives.

Carestream Health's cloud leadership and incorporation of Intel®-based technologies addresses the growth of medical imaging and the increasing necessity of cloud-based analytics in many healthcare enterprises.


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