Business outcomes ride on the performance of the fleet. Smart transportation solutions built on Intel IoT technologies enable businesses to increase fleet productivity using advanced sensing, interconnected big data, and intelligent features embedded in vehicles and the environment.

Offices, warehouses, and other workplace buildings use alot of energy. In this solution brief, discover how AVOB, a French leader in IT, offers a smart building management solution for small and medium-sized buildings that is powered by Intel Atom™ processors. 

Once a solution provider and the building management team can talk with systems about real-time conditions, they can manage a site with precision, controlling costs and energy use.

Product marketing engineer Brian Roberts talks about the SteadyServ iKeg, which measures beer amounts and tracks kegs through supply, delivering real-time status, auto ordering info, and analytics from the cloud.

Weeds can cause crop losses worth $43 billion annually in North America, and that’s just for corn and soybeans, according to a recent study. The report suggests that as weeds become herbicide resistant, new technologies will be needed. Watch how Robovator, a high-tech tractor-mounted robot, can be trained to automatically remove weeds with stealth-like precision

Tool innovation sparked the first agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago. But today, new digital tools such as robotics, machine learning and data analytics are helping farmers feed billions of people around the word.


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