Never has there been a more urgent need for comprehensive security and surveillance solutions. No one can be everywhere and see everything going on around them.

Around the world, digital technologies are demonstrating their ability to empower educators in their mission of developing the next generation of lifelong learners, innovators, and global citizens. With an effective technology foundation and the right support, teachers gain powerful tools to deepen, accelerate, and enhance student learning.

Advantech-DLoG, INFORM GmbH, and Cobus Industries GmbH are amongst the leaders in providing solutions to the airport and aviation industries. Hear first hand some of the challenges and how they used Intel Atom™ processors to improve efficiency overall.

This infographic demonstrates the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, which enables simple, effective inventory tracking and insight for brick-and-mortar retail environments.

Industrial companies eager to tap the power of data analytics are exploring IoT, which facilitates communications between field devices and enables process engineers to act upon decisions derived from data analytics.

This infographic demonstrates how smart manufacturing solutions using the Intel IoT platform help transform the huge data sets a production line generates into valuable insights that a manufacturer can use to reduce downtime, increase output, and better use assets.


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