Fueled by a common network, (the Web/Cloud) and edge processing that is getting cheaper, faster and more powerful, the idea of instrumenting everything in a building is catching on.

Intel technologies are setting a new standard for safer, smarter, more efficient and less invasive research expeditions to protect our environment and gain further knowledge about the animal and human condition.

Watch this video to see how IoT solutions based on Intel technology help eggs get from the coop to the kitchen in one piece, keeping them fresh along the way. 

Many retailers are making the push to modernize their infrastructure through better business intelligence (BI), cloud technologies, and in-memory analytics, but there is a large disconnect between corporate systems and physical stores. 

Watch Rob Risany, Worldwide Innovation Executive with IBM, talk about precision agriculture and how Intel, IBM Weather Company and ADLINK approack smart irrigation in the emerging era of the IoT.

Cloud computing offers broad benefits for K-12 education. It can enhance teaching and learning by enabling students and teachers to access a wealth of educational resources -- to work, collaborate, communicate, and share when and where they need to.


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