Find out how Cascade3d, together with Intel, is helping to make the IoT a revolutionary reality in healthcare right now. As the IoT expands, Cascade3d's Connected Care* platform is going beyond safe-at-home connectivity, delivering smart devices that help and inform both care work and clinical decisions.
The food industry is turning to IoT to bring its ecosystems into the modern technological era.  By facilitating improved prevention and improving response and traceability, IoT is well positioned to improve food safety. Blockchain, wireless sensors, smartphones and the cloud are reducing food contamination and tracking contaminants to the source.
When appropriate, it’s smart to support two competing, IoT low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) standards like NB-IoT and LTE-M, but maybe now we need four-in-one. Hedge your bets when developing IoT solutions so that they can survive long term.
Educators are adding interactive whiteboards to bring a more dynamic and compelling approach to teaching. The latest iterations of this smart, connected technology are finding a home within classrooms and school districts throughout the United States. For solution providers, now is the time to educate your customers on the advantages of using smart whiteboard technology
The presence of drones to conduct aerial photography and surveillance is increasingly becoming the new norm. This week, drones as well as IoT traffic cameras in Houston and the Gulf Coast were called into action. They provided an aerial assist in search-and-rescue operations, and they helped response teams more easily survey the flooding damage from the devastating Hurricane Harvey. 
Combing high-end processing hardware with low-power operation is difficult enough, but for IoT solution providers, it’s also important to ensure the wireless interface is optimized. Online RF calculation tools can help.
Water utilities are lagging behind electric utilities in terms of IoT and data analytics. Only about 20 percent of U.S. drinking water utilities count themselves as smart. The number for electric utilities is much higher at 60 percent. Ready to make up the difference, water utilities are starting to embrace smart meters, IoT and data analytics.
Retail stores are experiencing a harsh reality of declining foot traffic. However, the sales numbers for in-store retail purchases are not as bleak as you might think. According to multinational accounting firm EY, 93 percent of purchases are still made in shops. But buying patterns are different, and shops have to keep pace. Solution providers need to help retailers accelerate their pick-up portals. 
The Internet of Things is now bringing intelligence to every nook and cranny in the home, including to beds, bookcases, desks and chairs. A robotics start-up company, Ori, has created a voice-controlled modular furniture system that can automatically glide about the room, allowing home dwellers to maximize spaces in their tiny smart places.
IoT directed at boosting New Zealand’s prosperity holds huge potential for both the country and the tech sector, according to new IoT research study. Ranking among the leading countries in the world on their readiness for IoT deployment, New Zealand is unusually well positioned to embrace—and reap the significant benefits of—the deployment of IoT technologies.