Watch Rob Risany, Worldwide Innovation Executive with IBM, talk about precision agriculture and how Intel, IBM Weather Company and ADLINK approack smart irrigation in the emerging era of the IoT.
Cloud computing offers broad benefits for K-12 education. It can enhance teaching and learning by enabling students and teachers to access a wealth of educational resources -- to work, collaborate, communicate, and share when and where they need to.
The ability of the miniscule BME680 sensor to accurately sense temperature, humidity, air pressure and volatile organic compounds creates opportunity for creative IoT solutions providers. Find out what Bosch-Sensortec has been working on.
Looking for fresh lucrative business models? Encon Mechanical explains how IoT is opening doors and creating space for revenue generating services. While known for its contracting expertise, Encon is realizing lots of new business in building automation. 
Smart cities and industry gain real-time, low-cost monitoring with Intel-based Bosch Air Quality Micro Climate Monitoring System (MCMS).
Get a glimpse into the amazing retail experiences Intel is helping to create.
Moving to drone-driven inspections enables insurers to reap myriad benefits while speeding up the adjusting process. The drones are hard at work in Texas and Florida now, and by 2020, insurance is expected be one of the top five markets served by commercial drones.
Every established organization suffers from inertia, but there’s no time for that with the IoT. IoTium offers IT and OT a quick, simple, single-click solution for small and large-scale deployments. This classic service solution, in this case, network as a service (NaaS), helps bridge the IT and OT divide. 
Company-owned data centers and the public cloud are being used to provess and store massive amounts of data given off by IoT devices, leading to some fundamental infrastructure changes and new opportunities to solution providers.
IoT-enabled intelligent building systems are secure, scalable, and interoperable. They assist with open communication and standards within the building space, assisting with reduced costs and improved integration possibilities.