There’s no two ways about it, IoT is changing the way shoppers shop and retail merchants sell, and it’s achieving a lot of this by leveraging an older, tried and true technology—RFID. Whether it’s more accurately tracking inventory, increasing location visibility or bringing virtual and physical shopping experiences together, IoT-powered RFID is playing a big role in revolutionizing the retail market.
This week’s top takeaways in IoT partner activities, interesting investments, recent research and noteworthy use cases: Watson joins Condé Nast staff, small farms plant IoT, new IoT eBook.
Drivers stuck in a very congested section of Interstate 80 in Emeryvillle, CA, and Berkeley, CA, finally got to see the state’s new freeway metering lights and digital signs come to life in mid-July after a two-year wait. Dubbed the Interstate 80 SMART (Safety, Mobility and Automated Real-time Traffic Management) Corridor project, the goal is to bring innovative congestion relief and safety improvements to the I-80 corridor from the Carquinez Bridge to the Bay Bridge, according to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).