Recent attacks on IoT devices could make IT leery of IoT projects, especially in operational technology environments. Following best practices can ensure that the project has IT support and help. Solution providers can step in and add the security layers that IoT demands.
As acquisition costs for digital signage continue to drop, the technology is moving beyond retail and landing in vertical markets, opening up new ways for solution providers to deliver ongoing services.
The Intel Building Management Platform (Intel BMP) gives IoT solution providers a clear path to solve the problem of low-cost, secure, IoT-based building management for small-to medium-size facilities.
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IoT hits the road outside Houston as solutions provider Presidio outfits the bus fleet at the Huntsville, TX, school district with Wi-Fi for students, navigation for drivers and telematics for mechanics.
From enabling commercial farmers to increase production to feed an ever-growing population to supporting small, mobile farming in upcycled shipping containers, IoT is planting creative solutions in the farming industry.
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Engineers hold the keys to the kingdom of operations technology that IT will need to access in order to answer corporate’s insatiable need for data to drive the next round of decisions.
In our Social Chat, experts from Ingram Micro outline the opportunity for solution providers to benefit from double-digit margins by installing and managing digital signage technology for customers. 
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