Explore Intel's vision for autonomous driving which includes a portfolio that delivers an end-to-end platform spanning the vehicle, communication, and data center.
Working together, Intel and GE are helping companies make better use of real-time data to increase their operational efficiency and profitability.
Open, modular indoor positioning systems can be deployed quickly and provide automated on-call help for senior centers or those living alone. IoT technology is playing an important role in creating a better quality of life for the senior generation, whether at home or in senior living communities.
Population health management is turning out to be a hotspot where data collected from IoT sensors has the potential to bring broad rewards. With a bevy of IoT-based fitness and certified medical devices available in 2017, data streams from wearables and health monitoring devices can be used alongside clinical data to provide doctors with a clear, near real-time picture of a patient’s health.
An important computing platform for the future, drones are the newest smart fleet of business tools. From photographers taking stunning aerial photos, to realtors displaying aerial views of property, to fire departments accessing building structure integrity, drones are no longer just cool toys for the kids.
Stadiums are stepping up their game for fans by adding in-stadium audio and video, digital signage, mobile apps for transportation and concessions, and loads of network bandwidth. San Francisco 49er fans don’t have nearly as much to brag about this season as their fans across the bay in Raider Nation do. But they do have one bright spot that outshines every team in the NFL: the most high-tech sports venue in the world, Levi’s® Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.
Big agriculture is responding to higher food demands by leaning on innovative thinking and new techniques to push up their production capabilities. Technology innovations are flooding into the market, and major players like Monsanto expect a boom in agricultural data science, as the market value reaches $20 billion by 2020.
The newest neighborhood deliveryman is not a man at all, but rather an IoT-equipped programmable robotic courier that can maneuver its payload of goods from the store to the doorstep. 
Having your bag mishandled by an airline is an all too common experience. Thankfully this is set to get better—soon. The Industrial Internet Consortium-sponsored Smart Airline Baggage Management testbed is leveraging IoT technologies to minimize instances of mishandling.
The new Intel® Atom E3900 processor brings horsepower and network synching to the IoT and fog computing.