To emulate the human visual cortex for more useful perception, AEye has combined solid-state LiDAR with low-light cameras and artificial intelligence.
IoT solutions built with Intel technology make it easy to anticipate and prevent disasters with data analytics and predictive maintenance.
How do you transform a sports arena or stadium to meet the needs of the demanding sports fan or concertgoer? Can you make their experience fun, engaging, personal and seamless at the same time?
Fitness centers and health clubs are experiencing quite the beneficial shift from the addition of of IoT technologies. Customers are looking for more than just heart rate monitoring and calorie tracking. They want interactive equipment and engaging entertainment systems. Internet-enabled devices are allowing for a more enhanced fitness experience and enabling business owners to improve their service offerings and increase overall efficiency.
To enable accurate heart monitoring in wearables, Silicon Labs combined ECG and PPG in a single module architected from the ground up for low power for all-day usage.
Warm cookies at check-in, free breakfast, heavenly beds—hotel chains have thrown plenty of perks to woo customers with an ideal overnight stay experience. But the comfy mattress may have met its match, as Marriott, Samsung and Legrand have partnered to build a prototype IoT-driven hotel room of the future that offers services most travelers have never imagined. 
Powered by Intel GO Automotive Solutions, autonomous driving transforms our lives by helping us find more time for the things we care about and promoting a greener planet.
Digital pens and touch screens give students and teachers intuitive, powerful ways to interact with Intel® Education 2in1 devices.  */
The Habit Restaurant reduces customer wait times, increases employee productivity, and supports 40 percent growth using Dell tablets with Intel Atom processors and Windows 8.
Discover how the University of Kansas' Gregory Thomas, Professor of Design, and Director of the Center for Design Research is driving new ways to deliver healthcare.