Solution provider GrayMatter has paired up with DC Water to successfully deploy connected fountains in public places like schools and daycare centers.
Big data...artificial intelligence...Internet of Things. These technologies have taken their shares of the headlines the past few years, but now machine learning is the buzz.

A new 17-qubit quantum computing chip foretells increased emphasis on new architectures to solve the data-crunching problems that arise for IoT and advanced research.

The expansion of the Internet of Things means smart devices could start doing the shopping and paying the bills.

Intel technologies are setting a new standard for safer, smarter, more efficient and less invasive research expeditions to protect our environment and gain further knowledge about the animal and human condition.

A theoretical construct from Carver Mead for almost 30 years, Intel’s Loihi makes neuromorphic computing a reality for large-scale IoT decision-making at the speed of the human brain.

Dell Technologies has four new product development initiatives underway to support its new IoT strategy.
Mobile apps and mobile app development services have contributed to the growth of the IoT, also fueling the popularity of smart cities and smart home concepts.


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