At this week’s CES 2018, USound is showcasing its MEMS-based micro-speakers. These breakthrough speakers give IoT solution providers a new way of generating and packaging audio.

Smart sensors and the IoT are poised to help companies save millions of dollars by increasing productivity, minimizing waste, and drastically reducing downtime.
Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), social media, machine learning and many such new technologies are altering the very contours of industries across sectors.
"How can asphalt save the environment?" That's a question Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has posed on its website promoting Internet of Things (IoT) services. Perhaps a better question, though, is "What does Verizon have to do with asphalt?"
In this year's predictions roundup for data and analytics, we find that AI, IoT, and the "multi-cloud" concept are all the rage. But cautions around data governance/regulation and irrational AI exuberance subdue the mood.
What’s the difference between fog computing and edge computing? “I think edge is to fog as…apple is to fruit,” Helder Antunes, chairman of the OpenFog Consortium explained.

Making IoT devices easier to use, and more useful, is critical if they are to be easily integrated into everyday solutions. A new ultrasonic sensor from Chirp Microsystems that detects gestures, range, proximity, and motion opens new avenues of exploration for IoT solution providers.

As technology evolves, so too do the threats against it; mobile devices and the Internet of Things are now prime targets for cyber-attacks. How are security solutions keeping pace?
Platform analyzes big data to answer plain-language business queries in minutes instead of months.
Today, a smart city mostly means infrastructure — better roads, more efficient energy use and a higher quality of life for citizens as a result of all these new, connected data points.


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