Why Training Is a Must For IoT Success

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If your technologists don’t “get” the Internet of Things, it’s time for training. Now.

A recent report from Gartner delineates the top 10 IoT technologies for 2017. While the technologies themselves are interesting, the real challenge seems to be in finding employees with the prerequisite skills that will enable solution providers to profit. 

The technologies Gartner says will be hot tickets are:

  1. IoT security 
  2. IoT analytics
  3. IoT device management
  4. Low-power, short-range IoT networks
  5. Low-power, wide-area networks
  6. IoT processors
  7. IoT operating systems
  8. Event stream processing
  9. IoT platforms
  10. IoT standards

None of those represent shocking developments; each is a recognized component of most IoT solutions. For example, a solution provider looking to implement a smart building solution would investigate solutions that incorporate security (to restrict building access), analytics (to quantify potential savings and determine ROI) and device management (to ensure all components were working properly), etc.

But does solution provider management understand how to identify those opportunities, and are they staffed appropriately to capitalize on them? Gartner’s research suggests that IT staff may need to get up to speed quickly to meet the needs of business. If that’s so, it’s likely also that solution providers themselves may be slow to recognize where IoT solutions could be implemented effectively. In other words, are there revenue and technological opportunities that are hidden because solution providers haven’t been exposed to the potential of the IoT?

IoT vendors can be part of the solution by identifying current channel partners that are so-called “diamonds in the rough.” Those might include solution providers that are reaching their sales goals, but may need training or other types of assistance to become truly successful in the IoT space. Once identified, though, what’s next? 

The relationship between relayr, a Berlin-based IoT provider, and Fast Lane, an IT training company, may be a blueprint for things to come. 

The two firms have partnered to offer a workshop to relayer’s partners around the world. The goal is to help partners identify potential market opportunities early and create solutions for customers regardless of their vertical. 

Once channel partners have a clear understanding of what the IoT can offer, they can identify and pursue IoT solutions for customers that will offer competitive advantages for themselves as well as their clients. 

As Josef Brunner, relayr CEO, said in a statement: "The only way to enable our partners to effectively address the needs in this field is to ensure sure they fully understand how to identify and address IoT opportunities very early in the market.”





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