Connect the Dots: Low-Cost LiDAR Needs To Be Integrated Into Connected Vehicles smart car LiDAR

LiDAR has fallen in cost and increased in performance to the point that it will be one of many sensors in tomorrow’s automobile. IoT solution providers need to choose their LiDAR option quickly and get in early, as automotive sensing platforms need to be fully integrated. 

Connect the Dots: Kit Simplifies Adding Alexa-Based Voice Control for IoT Devices Microsemi Corp

Voice control of connected devices is catching on, so Microsemi Corp. has made it easy to design in high-quality voice detection and processing and connect to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS).

Turning IoT Security Inside Out: Part 4, Data IoT security

The data streaming from connected devices can be revealing. A person’s physical location, the amount of fuel used by a car, the amount of medicine dispensed by an infusion pump, the images from a security camera—or many other telltale details. Your customers will need to clearly understand what data they are collecting and how it is kept secure. This blog follows up on recent blogs about securing IoT devices and connections

DC Taps Smart Grid Solutions for IoT Water Meter Rollout DC Water smart water meters

As the population size continues to rapidly increase in both developing and developed countries, there’s an associated increasing dependence on the world’s water supply. Based on the findings of the United Nations Environment Programme, humans will deplete the global water supply by 40 percent more than existing supply in 2030 if the rate of water consumption remains the same. Thirsty for better water usage data, DC Water in Washington, D.C., is making the switch to 85,000 IoT-based smart water meters. 

Turning IoT Security Inside Out: Part 3, Connections

IoT connectivity has more questions than answers. Whatever connectivity option your customer chooses, be sure it’s secure. This series of blogs looks at where the IoT security gaps are and provides strategies for closing them. The previous blog focused on securing IoT devices, and this one shines a light on connectivity, looking at the reasons behind the problem and six best practices to help your customers keep their environments secure.

Connect The Dots: Add New Revenue Streams While Future-Proofing IoT Solutions

Making the right hardware choices to future-proof an IoT design used to be a problem, now it’s an opportunity to add revenue streams over time. Solution providers are increasing the value of their offerings by designing IoT devices with features and functionality that can be turned on at a later date.

Microsoft Launches IoT-as-a-Service Offering Microsoft IoT Central

The IoT is rapidly becoming a critical aspect of doing business. An IDC survey notes that 58 percent of companies think IoT is strategic to their business model. In an effort to add more support for IoT, Microsoft has announced IoT Central, a solution it is positioning as “an easier way to create connected products that propel business.”

Intel Drones Set Record at Coachella Festival Intel Shooting Star drones

This year’s Coachella Music Festival hosted a stunning drone light show alongside a star-filled artist lineup. During one evening of the festival, more than 100,000 attendees gazed upward as 300 Intel® Shooting Star™ drones filled the sky. The innovative light show made history as one of the largest audiences to witness a live performance of a drone light show to date, according to Intel. 


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