Connect the Dots: Get A Handle on Blockchain to Solve IoT Security Problem

The ultimate solution that needs to be provided for IoT is security, and Blockchain might be the answer. The lack of understanding of how to use and apply Blockchain is the opportunity. IoT solution providers need to get immersed in Blockchain to develop the next generation of inherently secure IoT devices.

IoT Breathes New Life into Air Quality Measurement

Annual wildfires have become the norm in California, and the scale and impact of them has intensified due to global climate change. Wildfires catalyze larger public health issues as smoke pollution causes acute, and potentially chronic, upper-respiratory problems, among other harmful side effects. Now, dozens of IoT air quality monitors are coming to market to help communities measure pollution. 

Connect the Dots: First MEMS Speakers on Display at CES 2018

At this week’s CES 2018, USound is showcasing its MEMS-based micro-speakers. These breakthrough speakers give IoT solution providers a new way of generating and packaging audio.

Connect the Dots: Ultrasonic Sensors Reduce Human-IoT Interface Friction

Making IoT devices easier to use, and more useful, is critical if they are to be easily integrated into everyday solutions. A new ultrasonic sensor from Chirp Microsystems that detects gestures, range, proximity, and motion opens new avenues of exploration for IoT solution providers.

Tackling the Mobile Workspace Challenge

According to IDC, the mobile worker population is expected to grow to 105.4 million by 2020. The analyst group also projects this population will represent nearly three quarters (72.3 percent) of the total U.S. workforce. The deployment of IoT solutions has exponentially boosted the number of connected devices, ushering in the need for solution providers to offer managed services options for customers. 

Connect the Dots: AEye Combines 2D and 3D Dots with AI for Enhanced LiDAR

To emulate the human visual cortex for more useful perception, AEye has combined solid-state LiDAR with low-light cameras and artificial intelligence.

Connect the Dots: Massive, 5G Readies to Take Low-Latency IoT Mainstream

The 3GPP is meeting to lay the first of many bricks on the road to 5G that will see massive IoT deployments linked to ultra-fast, low-latency networks that will enable new, yet-to-be imagined applications. 

Connect the Dots: Heart-Rate Monitor Accelerates Internet of Us Silicon Labs

To enable accurate heart monitoring in wearables, Silicon Labs combined ECG and PPG in a single module architected from the ground up for low power for all-day usage.


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