Connect the Dots: Neuromorphic Computing Spikes toward Smarter IoT

A theoretical construct from Carver Mead for almost 30 years, Intel’s Loihi makes neuromorphic computing a reality for large-scale IoT decision-making at the speed of the human brain.

Connect the Dots: How to Manage All the Dots and Data

The industrial IoT is spewing petabytes of data so the emphasis needs to shift from acquiring data to effectively sorting, analyzing and storing that enormous amount data, from the edge to the cloud. National Instruments is an expert at this.

Connect the Dots: Making Small Sense of the Environment

The ability of the miniscule BME680 sensor to accurately sense temperature, humidity, air pressure and volatile organic compounds creates opportunity for creative IoT solutions providers. Find out what Bosch-Sensortec has been working on.

Connect the Dots: IoTium Offers New IoT Tool: Simplicity as a Service IoTium IoT gateway

Every established organization suffers from inertia, but there’s no time for that with the IoT. IoTium offers IT and OT a quick, simple, single-click solution for small and large-scale deployments. This classic service solution, in this case, network as a service (NaaS), helps bridge the IT and OT divide. 

How One Solution Provider Helped Implement Microsoft Azure Machine Learning At Hershey

Company-owned data centers and the public cloud are being used to provess and store massive amounts of data given off by IoT devices, leading to some fundamental infrastructure changes and new opportunities to solution providers.

Connect the Dots: Low Power Makes GPS for Assets and Wearables, Bearable

As Mobile World Congress Americas showed, the IoT is everywhere, and many devices are on the move. How do you keep track, especially in low-power applications like remote sensors and fitness monitors? Adding GPS capability to wearables and assets is hard due to power consumption and space concerns. Semiconductor maker u-blox makes it easier with the M8B.

IoT Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas

Discover how Intel products and services are enabling secure and seamless IoT solutions for upstream oil and gas, including optimizing oil recovery, energy generation and consumption, and lowering development and completion costs. 

Connect the Dots: Rohm Combines Sigfox and IEEE 802.15.4k for Global, Long-Range IoT IoT global deployments

By combining Sigfox and IEEE 802.15.4k in a single chip, Rohm makes it easier to develop global solutions for long-range, low-power IoT deployments. The dual-interface support gives developers the assurance that a single SKU will work globally, from Europe to the United States and Japan, to effect greater adoption of devices and services.


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