This week’s top takeaways in IoT partner activities, interesting investments, recent research and noteworthy use cases: IoT security, IIoT and IP, new IoT partner ecosystem.

While everyone’s optimistic, it’s still darn near impossible to quantify the IoT in terms of dollars, so when IC Insights brought out a report with a lowered growth-rate expectation, it required a closer look. When combined with another recent analysis of industry uptake of IoT, some interesting correlations emerge that may help shape how you target your next connected idea or design.

The world of multiple realities opens new avenues for innovation, especially if providers can acquire and present relevant data in real time, while tracking the users’ actions and responses. Merged reality was recently added to the technological lexicon with the debut of Project Alloy, a head-mounted device (HMD) that allows virtual reality (VR) to interact seamlessly with the ambient environment using Intel® RealSense™ technology.


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