The new Intel® Atom E3900 processor brings horsepower and network synching to the IoT and fog computing.

As acquisition costs for digital signage continue to drop, the technology is moving beyond retail and landing in vertical markets, opening up new ways for solution providers to deliver ongoing services.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: Dell ramps up IoT ecosystem, IoT settles into the fog, supply chain adds value with IoT, connected cars may take evacuees out of hurricane’s path, Intel CEO talks data center and IoT, and White House pushes AI forward.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: Does IoT demand safer alternatives; Intel BMP speeds smart building projects; Bringing IT and OT together; Oil and gas customer realizes $700,000 savings; New smart building platform.

Engineers hold the keys to the kingdom of operations technology that IT will need to access in order to answer corporate’s insatiable need for data to drive the next round of decisions.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: Autonomous vehicles must earn human trust; IoT security threats continue, IBM Watson makes patient care appointment, IoT Hackathon for social impact; and IoT use cases for industrial and supply chain.

The news of the record-breaking theft of 500 million Yahoo account passwords has pushed solutions providers and security experts to seek out alternatives to the highly vulnerable password-based login. That theft, along with the recent rash of data breaches at Silicon Valley stalwarts LinkedIn and Twitter, demonstrate that even the most tech-savvy IT teams can’t always protect customer data and passwords, leaving us all at risk.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT: newly released autonomous vehicle guidelines, SAP IoT investment, and IDC survey on IoT.

When you have that brilliant idea, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding that when you get the gateway appliance you need and imagine you might have it up and running before bedtime, then realizing you have to hunt for 101 things to actually get it connected to see if it works. From little things like cables and connectors to rather big things like trustworthy, validated software and secure cloud access, the frustrations add up, but Eurotech may put an end to those headaches.

This week’s top takeaways in IoT partner activities, interesting investments, recent research and noteworthy use cases: IIoT security framework, IoT gets government support, power lines to deliver fast wireless connectivity.


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