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While much of the buzz around the Internet of Things focuses on consumer applications, the use with the richest history is industrial IoT. Many such solutions, from greenhouse monitoring to fleet management, were on display at Intel Solution Summit last month in Dallas. The ways in which equipment and processes are linked in today’s manufacturing sector, for example, evolved from Machine to Machine (M2M) and telematics technologies. Industrial IoT encompasses the interconnection of industrial systems from enormous to very small, and can link across the shop floor or have worldwide implications. For example, hydroelectric dams can integrate sensors for power, vibration, seismic, environment, etc. And farming applications can meld animal and plant health, weather information, and soil nutrient and moisture data.

The opportunities are widespread, and industrial IoT has the potential to streamline processes, cut costs and expand production. But all that information the technology generates needs to be stored somewhere. Is the cloud right? On premises? Or a hybrid approach? 451 Research’s Brian Partridge whiteboards the issues in this infographic— all while acknowleging the complexity of the decision making process when implementing IoT solutions, including connectivity, sprawl and marketing hype.

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