IoT News Roundup: September 29-October 5, 2016

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Building Trust between Human and Machine on the Road to Automated Vehicles
For automated and connected cars to be widely adopted, the industry must build a higher level of trust with drivers. Intel is helping the market by developing comprehensive sensing, clear communication, change response and multiple interaction modes between car and driver. The self-driving auto continues to be a work in progress.

Hospital Plans Interactive Hospital Rooms Powered by IBM Watson
At Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, patients will soon be able to take more control and be better informed during their hospital stays. The hospital plans to connect speakers in patient rooms to IBM Watson IOT platform to help patients control lights, temperature and music, and they can get answers to questions about visiting hours, doctor expertise and more.

IoT Attacks on DDoS
Attacks on IoT devices may have gotten much easier as a recent attacker released the code for the assault malware, named Mirai. Designed to create botnets from vulnerable IoT devices, Mirai and Bashlight, another malware, may have infected more than a million IoT devices. These attacks are expected to increase, making security a great conversation starter for solution providers.

Top Five Industrial IoT Use Cases and Supply Chain Considerations
Solution providers are proving their IoT expertise across industries with industrial and supply chain IoT deployments. These five industrial use cases are gaining the most traction and support. Everyone has an eye on autonomous cars but the other four may surprise you.  In supply chain use cases, logistics is a top priority, but have your customers explored new business models based on supply chain data?

Intel and IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon
Healthcare, environment, transportation and education are among the industries seeking innovative IoT solutions. The Intel and IoT Solutions Congress Hackathon in Barcelona, Spain, will help you create industrial solutions with social impact. You can register for the October conference here

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