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I recently attended the Intel IoT Insights Day event in San Francisco, where Intel talked about solutions we’re offering and partnerships with the industry to make Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. Intel’s Diane Bryant, senior VP and general manager of the Data Center Group, stressed the need to accelerate the deployment of big data analytics solutions and enable every organization in every industry to extract value from data. I live and breathe analytics every day in my role at Intel.  It’s exciting to me when I see the insights that can come from all the data generated by the smart, connected things. That’s how the promise of IoT is realized.

I’ve personally been very involved in an open source project initiated by Intel called Trusted Analytics Platform, or TAP. We started this project because we wanted to give data scientists and developers the ability to collaborate in a shared environment to conduct advanced analytics. The great thing about TAP is that developers and data scientists can work together to build custom solutions with industry-specific data, domain-specific analytics or enterprise-specific applications. That means it can be used in a bunch of industries, from healthcare to retail to industrial. In healthcare, TAP can be used to analyze data from remote patient monitors, EMR, clinical trials, and genome sequences to predict onset of disease or infection, to track the progression of a disease, and to predict risk of readmission. Intel has been working with Penn MedicineOregon Health and Science University and the Icahn School of Medicine on these type of use cases.

Watch a recording of the entire Intel IoT Insights Day webcast here

At Intel IoT Insights Day, Intel shared how TAP is also being used in retail and industrial applications, by Levi Strauss and Co. and Honeywell.  TAP allows Levi Strauss to securely collect data from in-store inventory via RFID tagging and perform analytics on the data. The insights can help Levi Strauss improve the shopper experience through increased data accuracy. For example, they can better understand where items may have been misplaced within a store.

Honeywell is using TAP in a connected worker solution for industrial safety helps monitor the environments of mission-critical workers including firefighters, miners or first responders. With TAP, the proof of concept can take in data from wearable sensors, like location, heart rate, body position and CO levels, then process the data and provide the analysis to a dashboard that the fire chief can access for improved real-time decision making.

Great opportunities await as enterprises use the power of the cloud for big data analytics. My hope is that efforts like TAP open the door for these organizations to make sense of their data and find value in their data more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. That’s when we’ll see exciting innovations that benefit our daily lives.


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