How Top Companies Attack Water Waste with IoT Solutions

Create: 10/20/2015 - 13:00

In terms of analyzing ‘things’, a category that stands uniquely apart from the crowd, are those ‘things’ you literally can’t live without; air, food and often last, but not least, water.

In the United States, the way we value and regard water is at best contradictory and at worse we simply do not think about it at all. While most of us know the price of a gallon of gas or milk and how much we use in a week, but ask someone how much water costs or how much a person needs a day, and no one has a clue.

The reality is that except for sporadic fits of drought driven urgency, water in the United States has been under valued from just about every perspective and as a consequence most of us have happily turned a blind eye towards water use. But lately, ignoring water use has been getting harder. 

Even the most myopic companies are seeing signs of change; water prices have risen faster over the last 20 years than any other utility, water agencies have fines up to $10,000 for those out of compliance, entire cities low on water are forced to make difficult choices. And the changes are happening now at a rate where it is no longer, economically, politically or socially sustainable for companies to continue to waste water.

All of the above has created an accelerating demand for water end use visibility and control, and IoT has a critical role to play. Water IoT Solutions have proven to be one of a company’s best tools in eliminating water waste.

Today several solution providers have been proving how IoT can help bring not just site water data to water use analysis but more importantly deliver actionable intelligence that saves water, time and money.

The range of benefits that Water IoT solutions can deliver day in and day out to commercial water end users is far reaching, going from the curb to the heart of your facilities.

  • By bringing real-time visibility into leaks, and breaks—companies are able to avoid potentially huge site damages and loss of operations.
  • By bringing cloud analytics to their site’s water use—companies are able to identify conservation opportunities and appliance or equipment efficiency failures.
  • By tracking in and out flows—companies can identify overcharges on sewer rates.

Water IoT Solution’s value to companies is not just from sensor data but also in the leveraged application of big data and cloud analytics on sensor data. For example:

  • By bringing high resolution, site specific modeled weather data to landscape irrigation, companies can eliminate irrigation waste while avoiding the installation and maintenance costs of moisture sensors.
  • By maintaining a database which tracks water agency regulations and compliance requirements and continually monitors actual site operations, companies can avoid fines and potential brand damage.
  • By creating building water use footprints across their portfolios, companies can identify use anomalies and potential liabilities.
  • By understanding site water demands and weather normalization, sites can manage water use budgets through real-time dashboards that tell you how to avoid going over budget today rather than 2 months later when the water bill comes out and it’s too late.

Water IoT technology now makes it possible for companies to have access to smart water management SAAS platforms that offer water management applications that solve specific pain points 24/7. Similar to an Energy Management System, companies are able to customize their own Water Management System to their unique needs.

Companies who manage their water use with the same focus they have with their energy use, have realized not only proven savings and time efficiency but for their customers and partners, saving water is just one of those essential "things" they want to be associated with.

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