How a Mechanical Contractor Succeeds at IoT

Create: 09/29/2017 - 12:02

Conversations about IoT almost always include a reference to opportunities, and market forecasts consistently show serious revenue growth for hardware, software and services. For solution providers on both the OT and IT sides, getting a foothold in IoT can be daunting.

Encon Mechanical is pushing past the challenges and into new high revenue business models around business automation. After almost a half century of serving building owners and general contractors throughout New Jersey, Encon is adding IT and IoT expertise to be ready for ubiquitous connectivity.

“If you want to remain relevant in systems integration, you need to educate yourself in technology on an everyday basis,” says David Indursky, President of Encon.

Encon has been adding more IT expertise to its staff, and it’s paying off for them. “We used to be able to take air-conditioning people and make them building automation specialists,” says Indursky. “We are now hiring IT people and teaching them the air-conditioning space. It’s easier for us to take smart computer programmers and teach them how the air-conditioning world works.”

As Encon adds IT talent, new projects with IoT components keep popping up. In healthcare, operating rooms must reach—and not exceed—certain temperatures or surgeons cannot complete patient procedures. Encon monitors these facilities and ensures the proper temperature prior to the patient or surgeon’s arrival.

Another healthcare client is experimenting with experience-based care. If a patient says he wasn’t comfortable because the temperature was too hot, for example, they don’t have to pay their full bill. Encon monitors temperature remotely and can quickly respond to unexpected spikes. It can also provide evidence-based data of what the room temperatures were during the day so that the hospital can resolve patient issues.


This is one new business model that is adding revenue for IoT solution providers. Encon and other IoT providers are learning how to embrace the new and make the most out of their current know-how.

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