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This week’s top takeaways in IoT partner activities, interesting investments, recent research and noteworthy use cases: Watson joins Condé Nast staff, small farms plant IoT, new IoT eBook.

Setting the Stage for Smart Cities in the 5G Era
Smart Cities are connecting to the IoT to tackle traffic congestion, pollution, crime, and more. What if the IoT reduced vehicle congestion enough to prevent it from eroding a country’s GDP? Intel VP in the Mobile and Communications Group, Asha Keddy, explains the smart city trends she’s watching.

Condé Nast Finds Influencers for Brands with IBM Watson
Under a new partnership with IBM and the influencer platform Influential, Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker will use Big Data to understand which celebrities make good matches for marketing campaigns.  The media giant will base its selections on demographics, personality traits and key words to better target their audiences.

The Joule of IoT
Developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises have a new resource, the Intel® Joule module, to bring their IoT applications to market. Lenny Tran of Intel describes key features and real-world use cases, including PivotHead industrial safety glasses and VStone robotics. Two models will be available in September from authorized Intel® resellers.

Comprehensive eBook Takes On IoT from All Angles
A new eBook from Aeris, written by CTO Syed Zaeem Hosain, provides an in-depth look at IoT with 12 chapters, 169 pages, a glossary of terms and more that covers the spectrum of all things IoT. Enterprises, service providers, and solution providers can learn the technology and devices behind the IoT and how to capitalize on IoT opportunities.  

IoT Brings Year-Round Farming into Shipping Containers
Farmers in South Boston are growing 60 pounds of kale and 1,000 mini heads of lettuce per week in 1.5 acre farms housed in shipping containers. Using a smartphone app and IoT technology from Xively, the farmers can track air temperature, humidity, and water nutrient levels, as well as track shipments, deliveries and pickups. 

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