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Melanie is an expert technology writer who specializes in covering the IoT, cloud, mobile computing, and emerging technology markets. Melanie has held top editorial and content development positions at, Internet Business magazine, and LAN Magazine. She has written hundreds of global business technology articles and blogs and co-authored The Standard for Internet Commerce.
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$1 billion +
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Agriculture or Farming
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Cloud Services & Solutions

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With six TV channels, 58 radio stations, 1,500 webpages updated daily, 28 broadcast languages and 348 million global viewers per week, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has a constantly expanding reach. The necessity to keep viewers happy and interested in BBC content is ever-present. But with that necessity comes the need for digital identity management, which led the BBC to integrate a one-stop-shop solution, the ForgeRock Identity Platform.  
As we all become more driven by digital communication, schools and other public institutions have to keep up with these changes and adjust their infrastructure accordingly. People have shorter attention spans and prefer to receive information in sound bites. This is especially true in education. Solution provider Alpha Video is turning to digital signage to help schools keep students captivated and informed. 
As laws have become very strict in limiting device usage while driving, the need for instant, streamlined communication is more pertinent than ever. This is especially true for delivery drivers and vehicle fleet management companies. Solution providers such as Wireless Communications and Electronics are working with transportation industry customers and using IoT solutions to keep their operations safe, efficient and connected with the push of a button.  
Traditional agriculture companies have for years applied the same tried-and-true tools to plant and harvest their crops. Now, organizations from the small farmer to industrial farming corporations are realizing the potential that IoT technology has in the crop growing and harvesting process. This fall, a farm automation project, Hands Free Hectare, successfully harvested its first crop using only autonomous vehicles and drones.  
In 2050, the world will have more than 2 billion people over the age of 60, which is double the number today, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Research study. In response, the healthcare market is moving toward IoT-based remote care tools that allow patients to monitor health issues from home. Distributed healthcare is getting a booster shot with the launch of the Intel Health Application Platform. 
The days of customers banging cranky, slow vending machines to get the candy bar to drop from the spiral dispenser are finally over. These smart vending machines, installed with a partner on college campuses throughout the country, carry a variety of products, stream video ads and provide purchasing data. 
3D printing has become one of the most useful forms of technology for industrial manufacturing, especially because of its made-to-order production applications across a range of industries, including medicine and healthcare, education, automobile production and now—footwear. The race is on with footwear manufacturers to use 3D printing to make the most affordable and uniquely designed shoes as possible. 
Looking for fresh lucrative business models? Encon Mechanical explains how IoT is opening doors and creating space for revenue generating services. While known for its contracting expertise, Encon is realizing lots of new business in building automation. 
While many types of property theft have declined in recent years, bicycle theft is on the rise. According to FBI statistics, bike thefts result in an estimated $4.6 million in property loss each year in the United States. Fortunately, new IoT-based security and tracking technology has the potential to make a dent in theft and help police locate owners of stolen bikes. 
Every year, the human race is cutting down more trees than we’re planting. The numbers are staggering. We’re planting approximately 9 billion trees per year, but we’re cutting down approximately 15 billion trees. Now, precision forestry companies are using data-driven analytics and smart drones that can swoop in to strategically drop tree seeds in the places they are most likely to survive.