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This week’s IoT news looks at a mix of activity across industries and the IoT ecosystem. Intel showcased its consumer side at CES 2017, and Hertz will give drivers a new set of IoT keys.

Recognizing dangerous behaviors with predictive analytics and machine learning complements current airport security measures and helps create a safer environment from baggage claim to the runways.

The top takeaways in IoT for the first week of 2017 usher in trends that are set to impact smart buildings and IoT investments and a new security competition for IoT devices from the FTC.

Santa Clara University unleashes a test fleet of driverless electric shuttles that use GPS and 3D LIDAR technology to zip students around campus.

The top takeaways in IoT for December 7-December 14, 2016 have the first technology trend predictions for the coming year, a retrospective on 2016 and fog computing, plus insights and tips for...