IoT News Roundup: Week of December 28, 2016-January 4, 2017

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The top takeaways in IoT for the first week of 2017 usher in trends that are set to impact smart buildings and IoT investments and a new security competition for IoT devices from the FTC. An updated forecast from IDC projects that  overall IoT spending will be slightly less than first projected. 

Smart Building Trends for 2017

As new buildings change the skyline in San Francisco, Chicago and New York, what’s inside may be more groundbreaking than what is outside. This is the year for commercial-smart buildings to add environmental controls, communication interfaces, video surveillance and energy conservation systems. These four trends will help advance smart building adoption and be the forces behind new construction in 2017. 

Smart buildings
Photo credit: Intel IoT

Partners Cheer Intel Investment in Self-Driving Automobile Navigation Technology Company

Intel continues to push its IoT strategies forward with the recent purchase of a 15 percent stake in HERE. Having put significant support behind autonomous vehicles, this investment in the Dutch digital mapping vendor has Intel advancing technology that lets vehicles “see” obstacles beyond their immediate field of vision and receive real-time updates as traffic, road conditions and other conditions change. Audi, BMW and Daimler have lined up to help test the architecture.

IoT Spending to Top $1.29 Trillion by 2020, Says IDC

IDC has updated its IoT spending forecast, with new expectations that are slightly lower than the previous forecast. The new numbers have IoT spending at $1.29 trillion over the next three years, slightly down from the previous expectation of $1.3 trillion. Software and services spending is anticipated to grow the fastest, and manufacturing and transportation are predicted to lead in overall spending. Insurance, consumer, healthcare and retail are other segments that are projected to make major investments in IoT hardware, software, services and support.

What Does 2017 Hold for the Internet of Things?

Investors are keeping a close eye on the fast-moving IoT market and tracking ecosystems, security and privacy concerns, and the spike in new IoT devices. The IoT landscape is getting more crowded every day as technology vanguards and new entrants vie for market leadership. Looking forward, these are four trends that investors—and solution providers—should watch in the coming year.

FTC Announces IoT Home Inspector Challenge

Are your developers IoT security experts? You can show off their skills by participating in the Federal Trade Commission’s IoT competition and battle with other techies to bring home the $25,000 grand prize. The winning submission will guard against security vulnerabilities in the software of IoT devices and protect consumers from out-of-date software. Maybe your team already has something in the works? Deadline for registering and submitting entries is May 22, 2017.