Discover how Intel products and services are enabling secure and seamless IoT solutions for upstream oil and gas, including optimizing oil recovery, energy generation and consumption, and lowering development and completion costs. 

Explore this white paper and discover how Abbaco Conrols uses IoT technologies from Intel and Kontron to deploy a water management system that allows farmers in Malaysia to control water gates in real time, and increase food production while optimizing water usage.

See how Intel and ZoneKey enable smart education and bring the power of the cloud to the edge with Intel®Visual Data Reference Design Specification.

Find out how Cascade3d, together with Intel, is helping to make the IoT a revolutionary reality in healthcare right now. As the IoT expands, Cascade3d's Connected Care* platform is going beyond safe-at-home connectivity, delivering smart devices that help and inform both care work and clinical decisions.

Data is becoming a driving force in retail transformation. So much so that Gartner says that "by 2018, retailers engaged in IoT partnerships with major manufacturers will take significant market share from competitors due to direct connections with consumer lives."

Think back to the car you first drove. Chances are it was purely mechanical. Today, driving has never been better. Cars are equipped with automated safety features that help protect drivers and passengers.  However, as vehicles become more connected and automated, security is of greater concern.


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