Two robotic arms have replaced bartenders at the Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas, the world’s first land-based bar to have fully autonomous robots behind the bar mixing cocktails. In about 90 seconds, the robot can blend precise quantities of ingredients and dispense customized mixed drinks to customers via an automated conveyor platform. 
The Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for the data center break records and are packed with enhancements that show the company’s prowess in both its knowledge of the application space and its technological capabilities.
This year is already shaping up as the time when 3D printing gets down to business. 3D printer technology has seeped into healthcare, education and all types of industrial applications. Now it is being put to use in manufacturing with made-to-order parts production. Global manufacturing company Jabil is using 3D printing to design and manufacture personalized products ranging from household appliances to medical devices to consumer wearables. 
Adeunis RF has devised a simple, modular solution to connecting any sensor to any wireless network and in doing so it has solved many industrial IT-OT integration and connectivity problems. 
Digital security cameras are a vital piece of technology used not only to deter crime, but to help police catch criminals and have useable video evidence. However, because of poor lighting or lack of intelligence in the security system, the perpetrator is rarely identified. That may change as the next generation of network surveillance technology comes to market. 
From taking photos and delivering packages to improving agriculture practices or inspecting infrastructure, the possible applications for commercial drones is vast. As the skies get more crowded, NASA is stepping in to help build a system to manage drone air traffic. 
As urban cores continue to rapidly increase in population size, the necessity to meet the socioeconomic and health-related needs of residents becomes more urgent. Many urban regions are transitioning to a smart city and realizing both short- and long-term benefits. San Francisco Bay Area suburb San Leandro, CA, is making large investments in IoT and gigabit fiber to become a model smart city. 
Ideas are easy, executing is harder, but less so with the Thingy:52 development kit with sensors, Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth 5, firmware and app included. The kit is all about getting an idea up and working for proof of concept and experimentation.
Cashiers may very well become the job opportunity of the past for fast food restaurants and other retailers. A new study from Visa and found that more than 80 percent of Americans have a strong interest in using connected devices to make their purchases. Coupled with that is news from McDonald’s, announcing it plans to add 2,500 digital ordering kiosks by the end of 2017 and will roll out mobile ordering at thousands of its busiest restaurants. 
From professional golfers to weekend putters, everybody needs a little help to improve their golf scores. The IoT is now in the game, as app developers, manufacturers and solution providers are unleashing a portfolio of golf tech, including GPS stat trackers, real-time game analytics, digital scoreboards for PGA tournaments and wearables for players that include sensor-based swing analysis tools.