myBBC Protects, Personalizes Digital Identities with ForgeRock myBBC ForgeRock

With six TV channels, 58 radio stations, 1,500 webpages updated daily, 28 broadcast languages and 348 million global viewers per week, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has a constantly expanding reach. The necessity to keep viewers happy and interested in BBC content is ever-present. But with that necessity comes the need for digital identity management, which led the BBC to integrate a one-stop-shop solution, the ForgeRock Identity Platform.  

Connect the Dots: Embedded Vision Connects Customers to Sales digital signs

The arrival of embedded vision signifies a new era of machine vision that connects customers’ presence, gestures and identity to retailers’ databases and digital signage to optimize messaging and sales. How will we use this?

Connect the Dots: Accelerate IoT Wireless Test and Development with octoBox OctoBox

IoT has opened the door to rapid innovation but wireless/RF devices come with their own set of test problems that can slow down a design if established practices aren’t coupled with new test technologies.

Intel® IoT Industry Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Every worker, tool, machine, and widget on your factory floor holds a wealth of information that improve your operations. What if you could set that data free?

Connect the Dots: Machine Learning Moves Voice Control from Novelty to Solution Amazon Echo

A combination of context awareness, machine learning and an optimized processing architecture makes advanced, low-latency voice analysis, processing and response possible on edge devices.

Connect the Dots: Quantum Computing Is and Isn’t Here Intel 17-qubit quantum computing chip

A new 17-qubit quantum computing chip foretells increased emphasis on new architectures to solve the data-crunching problems that arise for IoT and advanced research.

From Polar Bears to Whales, Intel Pushes the Boundaries of Wildlife Research with Drone and Artificial Intelligence

Intel technologies are setting a new standard for safer, smarter, more efficient and less invasive research expeditions to protect our environment and gain further knowledge about the animal and human condition.

Connect the Dots: Neuromorphic Computing Spikes toward Smarter IoT

A theoretical construct from Carver Mead for almost 30 years, Intel’s Loihi makes neuromorphic computing a reality for large-scale IoT decision-making at the speed of the human brain.


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