Security continues to be the elephant in the room when it comes to IoT, particularly in the context of autonomous vehicles. The Future of Automotive Security Technology Research (FASTR) consortium has a plan, and two new members – Rambus and Karamba Security – to help address it. Two years after being founded, the organization’s goals haven’t changed, but it is clarifying the need for collaborative effort – and how it intends to help the industry.

Autodesk and Taxal conducted an in-depth research study into how the Internet of Things is set to transform manufacturing over the coming years. Jonny Williamson catches up with Taxal’s Allan Behrens to go through the findings and the wider implications.
Four new Oracle IoT applications can trigger automatic actions, predict the need for machine repairs, or track employee movements. The new apps are able to integrate with more than half a dozen other supply chain management solutions from Oracle.
Watch for a virtual global infrastructure that may include multiple private and carrier networks and satellite systems, depending on what an enterprise needs to connect and how it intends to use the data that’s collected.

The dotdot protocol from the ZigBee Alliance promises to simplify IoT device connectivity and is another example of the need to consolidate efforts to accelerate smart IoT deployments. The essential goal is to completely abstract the underlying network layer from application-layer device-to-device communications. In this way, smart objects can discover each other, recognize functions and communicate efficiently and securely, with human interaction being optional.

During a recent earnings call and meetings in Washington, D.C., Intel reaffirmed its intention to focus on the lucrative data center and IoT markets in the coming year. In February, the company announced a $7 billion investment in a next-generation chip factory called Fab 42. Based in Chandler, AZ, the revitalized plant reinforces what Intel CEO Brian Krzanich explained during a recent earnings call. The company continues to transform "from a PC­-centric company to a smart, connected company that powers the cloud."

All eyes left Tom Brady and the scoreboard and turned skyward during the Pepsi Zero Super Bowl 51 halftime show at Houston’s NRG Stadium. Intel, NFL and Lady Gaga collaborated to create a unique, choreographed drone light show that kicked off Lady Gaga’s performance.

This IoT infographic provides lots of interesting facts for developers and solution providers. Find out what's good about the market and possible challenges.
IIoT will help solve key business issues all plants face in terms of production efficiency, process reliability and safety, along with moving ancient legacy systems into the new age. But because of the sheer volume, it is forcing IT and OT to work together to enable the manufacturer to take advantage of all things new technology and connectivity bring.
IoT applications in industry are expected to have far-reaching effects. This new version of the Industrial Internet Consortium's Industrial Internet Reference Architecture helps clarify ideas and concepts.


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