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This week’s IoT news looks at a mix of activity across industries and the IoT ecosystem. Intel showcased its consumer side at CES 2017, and Hertz will give drivers a new set of IoT keys.

The launch of a $59 LTE Cat-1 IoT starter kit at CES 2017 that includes AWS cloud connectivity makes carrier-grade security and reliability a lot simpler.

Intel lays out a set of industrial IoT trends and describes how factory wearables, smart equipment and tools, robots and 3D printing will change the global manufacturing landscape.

Bluetooth 5 has quadrupled the range, doubled the data rate, and multiplied Bluetooth’s broadcast capability by a factor of eight, and blurred the lines between it and Wi-Fi.  

Open, modular indoor positioning systems can be deployed quickly and provide automated on-call help for senior centers or those living alone.

New data streams from IoT medical devices and wearables may help patients and doctors in the fight against chronic disease, including diabetes.