According to a Business Insider report, companies are going to spend almost $5 trillion on the IoT in the next five years. In fact, according to IDC, in the years to come, the fastest spending growth in IoT will come from the healthcare industry.

Throughout history technological advancements have moved the field of medicine forward by leaps and bounds. One of today’s most widely used surgical tools, the endoscope, an instrument made up of a teeny video camera and fiber optic light source, is getting a helping hand from IoT technology capabilities. 

Behavioral economics is all about why we make the choices we make as individuals, and how those decisions affect ourselves and the industries we rely on, such as healthcare.

In 2050, the world will have more than 2 billion people over the age of 60, which is double the number today, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Research study. In response, the healthcare market is moving toward IoT-based remote care tools that allow patients to monitor health issues from home. Distributed healthcare is getting a booster shot with the launch of the Intel Health Application Platform. 

Big data analytics and Internet of Things technologies provide the critical backbone to enable telemedicine providers to improve security, device inoperability, treatment decision making, solution scalability, and access convenience. 

Intel's Health Application Platform, paired with hardware from Flex, offers a way to remotely monitor patients without the challenges that come with tablet- or smartphone-based solutions.
Researchers at MIT, Harvard, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are closing in on the development of so-called “intelligence bandages” that will dramatically improve healing times, especially in patients with chronic wounds.
The University of California San Diego has teamed with IBM on a multi-year program to enhance quality of life for senior citizens, supported with artificial intelligence.

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