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  • Airports are busier than ever before as travelers board flights for work and pleasure around the world. In this super competitive market, airports are vying to bring more customers to their gates for a safe trip.  Lavi Industries turned to IoT to help Dallas/Fort Worth Internation put a stop to multiple travel tripping points that were frustrating travelers. 

A theoretical construct from Carver Mead for almost 30 years, Intel’s Loihi makes neuromorphic computing a reality for large-scale IoT decision-making at the speed of the human brain.
3D printing has become one of the most useful forms of technology for industrial manufacturing, especially because of its made-to-order production applications across a range of industries, including medicine and healthcare, education, automobile production and now—footwear. The race is on with footwear manufacturers to use 3D printing to make the most affordable and uniquely designed shoes as possible. 
Watch this video to see how IoT solutions based on Intel technology help eggs get from the coop to the kitchen in one piece, keeping them fresh along the way. 
Many retailers are making the push to modernize their infrastructure through better business intelligence (BI), cloud technologies, and in-memory analytics, but there is a large disconnect between corporate systems and physical stores. 
The industrial IoT is spewing petabytes of data so the emphasis needs to shift from acquiring data to effectively sorting, analyzing and storing that enormous amount data, from the edge to the cloud. National Instruments is an expert at this.
How can food and beverage manufacturers reduce wastage, enhance freshness of their products, improve supply chain management and provide usage guidance, all the while reducing costs? With the latest advances in IoT sensor technology in food and beverage labeling, companies are able to do all of that, and more. 

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