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    Vehicles are becoming big, important IoT dots, and solutions need be developed quickly to enable the research and development required to make these dots autonomous. The Intel® GO™ platform offers hardware and software to help solution providers get started.

Transportation is a fundamental infrastructure system essential to ensuring today’s cities, and their residents’ lives, run smoothly. According to IT research firm IDC, global Internet of Things spending is expected to reach nearly $1.29 trillion over the next three years. And more than 10 percent of the $737 billion IoT spending in 2016 came from the transportation industry. 
Data is becoming a driving force in retail transformation. So much so that Gartner says that "by 2018, retailers engaged in IoT partnerships with major manufacturers will take significant market share from competitors due to direct connections with consumer lives."
The newest wearable health technologies have the ability to harness and measure health data that can help patients and doctors in the fight against chronic disease, including diabetes and cystic fibrosis. Researchers at Stanford University in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley have built a wristband device that can measure a person’s blood sugar and gather other important health data from just a few drops of sweat. 
Batteries are problematic for the IoT, but Ilika and its Stereax thin-film technology may be the breakthrough that IoT solutions providers have been looking for.
Improving urban infrastructure can be a challenge in many ways, including high costs and long wait times for an ever-growing list of repairs. As urban cities age and the world becomes increasingly populated, city administrators are turning to automated technology and the IoT to build what developers and city planners are calling “self-healing cities.” 
As the Wi-Fi Alliance prepares to embrace IEEE 802.11ax, IoT solution providers need to prepare to have much greater control over IoT device density and quality of service (QoS).

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