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  • Libelium smart ag

    Year after year, traditional agriculture companies have applied the same tools and processes to optimize their crops. Now, many organizations from the small farmer to industrial farming corporations are realizing the potential that IoT technology has to ease their daily workload, reduce crop losses and improve yield. One nursery, a wholesale plant grower in New South Wales, is sowing the seeds of change by using Libelium IoT sensors to enable data-based decision-making in its greenhouse. 

The Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, is the country’s largest center for retail and entertainment. Now, it’s also the site of the retail industry’s first large-scale digital directory installation. With the use of IoT, digital kiosks, interactive maps and even text-to-phone capabilities, shoppers are able to navigate the expansive mall and find exactly the store they want, in a matter of seconds. 
The arrival of Bluetooth Mesh signals a new phase of cross-industry and cross-platform connection compatibility for IoT solution providers. Bluetooth Mesh on top of Bluetooth LE extends network and device range, while making home, office and industrial networks more flexible and robust. 
Two robotic arms have replaced bartenders at the Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas, the world’s first land-based bar to have fully autonomous robots behind the bar mixing cocktails. In about 90 seconds, the robot can blend precise quantities of ingredients and dispense customized mixed drinks to customers via an automated conveyor platform. 
The Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for the data center break records and are packed with enhancements that show the company’s prowess in both its knowledge of the application space and its technological capabilities.
This year is already shaping up as the time when 3D printing gets down to business. 3D printer technology has seeped into healthcare, education and all types of industrial applications. Now it is being put to use in manufacturing with made-to-order parts production. Global manufacturing company Jabil is using 3D printing to design and manufacture personalized products ranging from household appliances to medical devices to consumer wearables. 
Adeunis RF has devised a simple, modular solution to connecting any sensor to any wireless network and in doing so it has solved many industrial IT-OT integration and connectivity problems. 

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