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    The District of Columbia is a boomtown, with a population of 672,700 residents who share the metro area with 19 million annual visitors. The Urban Mobility Scorecard places Washington, D.C., as one of the most congested regions in the nation. In response, the District’s CTO, Archana Vemulapalli, has launched a handful of IoT pilots under the city’s Smarter DC initiative aimed at creating an efficient, connected capital.  

IoT connectivity has more questions than answers. Whatever connectivity option your customer chooses, be sure it’s secure. This series of blogs looks at where the IoT security gaps are and provides strategies for closing them. The previous blog focused on securing IoT devices, and this one shines a light on connectivity, looking at the reasons behind the problem and six best practices to help your customers keep their environments secure.
The newest celebrity chef from California is named Sally. High tech and cool as a cucumber, she has just one specialty: salads. She can make more than 1,000 different combinations, fresh and perfectly proportioned, and serve up a made-to-order, seven-component salad in a minute. Customizable and efficient, Sally is the creation of Chowbotics, Inc., one of the many new companies in the multibillion-dollar market for food service robots. 
Customers from every industry are interested in IoT, but they may have security concerns. You can help them address potential vulnerabilities and limit their risks by understanding the weak spots. This four-part series of blogs looks at where the IoT gaps are and provides strategies, tips and best practices for closing them. Part 2 offers seven tips for securing IoT devices.
Making the right hardware choices to future-proof an IoT design used to be a problem, now it’s an opportunity to add revenue streams over time. Solution providers are increasing the value of their offerings by designing IoT devices with features and functionality that can be turned on at a later date.
The Internet of Things is continuing to transform the agriculture industry and how it does business. While the majority of the attention paid to IoT-powered technology investment in agriculture has been focused on improvements related to farming, as the saying goes, “as above, so below.” Ag-focused IoT is diving deep—into the quiet lochs of Scotland and majestic fjords of Norway. 
The IoT is rapidly becoming a critical aspect of doing business. An IDC survey notes that 58 percent of companies think IoT is strategic to their business model. In an effort to add more support for IoT, Microsoft has announced IoT Central, a solution it is positioning as “an easier way to create connected products that propel business.”

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