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  • Kelly Ireland CB Technologies

    CB Technologies isn’t testing the IoT waters. The southern California-based VAR has multiple IoT deployments across oil and gas, utilities and manufacturing. In this Q/A, Founder Kelly Ireland describes how IoT is breaking past rules—and making new ones—for solution providers. On Wednesday, October 18, Ireland joins IoT experts at IoT Connex Virtual.   You can register now for this free half-day event hosted by the parent company of CRN and sponsored by Intel.       

Company-owned data centers and the public cloud are being used to provess and store massive amounts of data given off by IoT devices, leading to some fundamental infrastructure changes and new opportunities to solution providers.
IoT-enabled intelligent building systems are secure, scalable, and interoperable. They assist with open communication and standards within the building space, assisting with reduced costs and improved integration possibilities. 
Have you ever felt overloaded by too much sensory input? The results can be problematic, even risky - if you're driving. The same holds true for trains, ships, oil rigs, and many other industrial assets.
While many types of property theft have declined in recent years, bicycle theft is on the rise. According to FBI statistics, bike thefts result in an estimated $4.6 million in property loss each year in the United States. Fortunately, new IoT-based security and tracking technology has the potential to make a dent in theft and help police locate owners of stolen bikes. 
As Mobile World Congress Americas showed, the IoT is everywhere, and many devices are on the move. How do you keep track, especially in low-power applications like remote sensors and fitness monitors? Adding GPS capability to wearables and assets is hard due to power consumption and space concerns. Semiconductor maker u-blox makes it easier with the M8B.
Vehicle management can be costly. Think about the required upkeep of your own personal vehicle. Now imagine that same upkeep, but for an entire fleet of vehicles. IoT telematics is helping fleet management companies track their assets and keep drivers safe.

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